Alison E. Kurek

I’m a mixed media artist creating fun, upbeat art work. Working primarily in acrylic paint and synthetic clay, I create bright, colorful images featuring animals, cocktails, an occasional human and of course, Silent Mylo.

Using old, traditional methods, 100% natural ingredients, and much patience and love, our products are changing the nature of skin care regimes across the United States. Goat milk has been a part of healthy, beautiful skin since Cleopatra was known to bathe in it. It has helped people with eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, and inflamation. It's time you had the "goat milk glow!"

Alpine Made

"I am an artisan jewelry, born and raised in Buffalo, NY. I love my home city! I am grateful to be a part of the "Buffalo Renaissance" by contributing mindfully handcrafted jewelry, produced with quality materials and all natural hand picked gemstones. I put a lifetime guarantee on all my work, so you never have to worry about it holding up to the test of time."

Ashley Messana Jewelry

Barns & Gardens

"Our soap is fresh with no preservatives or harsh chemicals.  Some of the oils that we use are palm, coconut, sweet almond, and jojoba.  Some soaps may contain natural butters such as mango or shea.  We are constantly striving to improve our soap using different ingredients such as coconut milk, goat milk, and buttermilk.  Soap may contain herbs, oatmeal, clay or honey.

All of our soaps are handmade in small batches with oils that are carefully chosen for their cleansing, lathering, healing, and conditioning properties. Our soaps are hand poured and hand cut, so each bar is unique.  No two are alike and their weight is between three and four ounces."

Pamela E. Harris is a book artist who uses leather and acid free paper to design uniquely shaped books. Each book is hand stitched and custom designed. She incorporates silver, fine fabrics, and beads -- depending on her mood :)

Captured By The Moment

Catch A Falling Jar

"At Catch a Falling Jar, we take fantasies and turn them into soothing, inspiring realities. Our jar lanterns are reminiscent  of salt lamps, but they light up to display amazing silhouettes and inspirational verses. 

Each of our jars is hand crafted using our unique process. Even the lids are transformed into beautiful works of art. We also specialize in decorative keepsake boxes and picture frames. Each of our creations is sure to become a conversation piece, and then an heirloom.

Bring a little magic back into your home with Catch a Falling Jar!"

"I have always loved the city of Buffalo...its history, its architecture and, of course, its food.  When I started my business, I focused on Buffalo related items (Buffalo shaped necklaces and bracelets as well as necklaces withthe central terminal, Buffalo skyline, Richardson-Olmsted complex and the grain elevators).  I am expanding into pieces with plays on color and shape, but I am continuing to create the Buffalo items."

Copper and Glass Creations by Love the Buff

Nikki is a certified yoga instructor, Reiki master, and crystal healer. Cosmic Lotus Jewelry offers a full line of healing gemstone/aromatherapy jewelry and essential oil blends, sprays and perfumes for overall wellness.

Cosmic Lotus Jewelry

"My handwoven pieces are created one thread at a time in my restored 19th century barn studio. My floor looms are a traditional style like those that have been used for hundreds of years, powered only by hand and feet. I find innovative ways to weave one of a kind articles like scarves, shawls, and bags into "reinvented" treasures by unraveling and reusing forgotten textiles."

Countryside Weaving

These beautiful one of a kind creations are the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Created with enamel paints, which are baked for a durable finish, the wine glasses and olive oil dispensers from Crafted By Lori are a perfect choice for someone looking for an artistically unique and useful product.

Crafted By Lori

"As wine enthusiasts, and with recycling being so important, we decided to put our bottles to good use. We collect empty wine bottles from local taverns that would otherwise throw them out. The bottles are cleaned, set in a mold and then placed in our glass kiln for up to 18 hours. As a result we make beautiful serving dishes and cheeseboards. Our "slumps" are different as the sides are rounded which allows you to actually hold items. Perfect for dipping oils, olives, cheese, crackers, nuts, candy etc. the possibilities are endless."

Creative Wine Designs

Elle Pea Tee is a botanical based skincare company based right here in Buffalo, NY. The founder -- Lindsay Sullivan -- is the proud creator of raw ingredient, organic based skincare from your head to your toes.

Elle Pea Tee

"Lover of all things vintage! I'm always on the hunt for salvaged items to feed my passion of upcycling vintage treasures into eclectic works of art -- some to be worn, others for your home and garden. Every creation has been individually hand sculpted and merged with found objects such as vintage buttons and rhinestones, then embellished with pearls, gemstones, and crystals."

Ferngully Gallery

"I've been making jewelry since 2009. Started off making jewelry for friends and family, which turned intoa business. I loce to see people wearing my jewelry or telling me stories of loved ones that moved away from Buffalo and are sending earrings or cuff links."

Gizmo's Creations

Erika Hartke is a local jewelry designer and is the owner of the local bead store, Erika's Bead Creative. She travels the country to hand-pick all of her gemstones and unique components. She is known for dramatic statement pieces, and her styles range from whimsical to elegant.

Hartke Designs

"I've been painting since I was a child -- surfaces changing. I range from tiny to very large public art projects (in mosaic mirror). I love that my work can bring a community together."

Illusions 3rd Eye Production

"Unique pieces created from broken and up-cycled jewelry with new accents added. Each one is different, but all include vintage key. Finding beauty in unrelated items to create unique pieces. I find objects at estate sales, friends' attics, and my own personal collection."

Janet of All Trades

"Joyfulenergy Jewelry is fun, modern, and handmade. The goal is for my customers to enjoy wearing the work as much as I have enjoyed creating it. My designs also incorporate natural gemstones such as labradorite, amethyst, and kyanite, handset in sterling silver."

Joyfulenergy Jewelry

"I've been making pottery for about 20 years. I'm always striving for different styes. My pieces are very carefully crafted -- they feel good to the touch."

Junko McGee

"I am a wood turner, creating one of a kind products on my lathe. My business, Kevlin Creations, arose from my passion for wood. I utilize many local wood species with some exotic woods and acrylics for variety. It is such a joyful experience to craft a variety of unique products that are both useful and aesthetically pleasing for the kitchen and office."

Kevlin Creations

Lake Effect Threads are old-time knitted goods with a very 'now' look

Lake Effect Threads

Whimsical, colorful hand painted wooden eggs and ornaments for the holiday season from a WNY artist

Linda V. Busch Designs

"I have made jewelry for as long as I can remember, but fell in love with lampwork about 10 years ago. The magic of glass offers an endless outlet for creativity. Making pieces that delight and bring joy to others is my goal and Lizard Breath Beads isalways bringing in new ways to create that feeling!"

Lizard Breath Beads

Mary Saunders Designs: Sterling silver beaded gemstone jewelry made with beautiful gemstone beads from around the world. Hand crocheted stylish, contemporary sweaters, shrugs, and ponchos for ladies.

Mary Saunders Designs

"After years of walking the Lake Erie beaches and collecting beach glass and teaching myself how to make jewelry, I finally put the two together. After retirement, I started my own business of designing pieces with beach glass and other findings that make me happy and hope it will to other people as well. I also use Kazuri beads in some pieces that are made by the women in Kenya to feed their families and are a part of the fair trade act -- beautiful!"

Mary's Lakeside Designs

"NyZoSa Designs -- Creations in Wire and Stone is a place where you can find special jewelry for every occasion. All my jewelry is hand fabricated, resulting in original, one of a kind pieces. Because each stone is unique and hand crafted, even if the design is similar, each necklace, ring, set of earrings, or bracelet is different. I love using wire in my designs because it can be shaped, textured, and wrapped in patterns that allow it to complement a stone's presentation, or stand alone to tell a story. My wire creations grew out of my many years as a fiber artist/quilter. When I work with wire and stone, I am reminded that simple elements can be combined into lovely patterns and designs. Wire and stone allow me to share those stories on a much smaller scale. My goal is to create pieces that invite people to look at all the possible stories of the stone and choose the one that resoates with them."

NyZoSa Designs -- Creations in Wire and Stone

Bringing her background in toy design, Betsy creates whimsical one-of-a-kind jewelry. Her unconventional materials include vinage postage stamps, buttons, wood tape measures, dice, coins, bottle caps, aluminum cans, hammerd copper, and more.

One & Kind Design

"Watercolor on canvas - creatures of class - using handmade papers to embellish. Jewelry is circus series lampwork glass with sterling silver - very colorful and funky. Statement pieces to be work with jean jacket or little black dress.    I have a masters degree in fine art. Owned and operated "West End Gallery" for 35 years. I now work as a designer for an international gift company creating product for Neiman Marcus and Harrod's in the UK."

Out of My Mind

Papercraft Miracles is an independent studio creating custom handmade paper and books for everyday use or special occasions. Each piece is handcrafted with love, and a little bit of magic, in Buffalo, NY.

Papercraft Miracles

"I've been making shrines for more than 30 years. After 10 years of developing my finishing techniques, I began building jewelry boxes, framed mirrors, and other items of whimsy. This year I added talking sticks to my repetoire."

Parker Pascua

Handcrafted, quality jewelry, created by Rachel Baron, using her handmade lampwork glass beads and quality gemstones.

R. Baron Designs

"SOS Design is a line of unique, handmade sewn items. My pieces range from silk handbags (perfect for a night out) to canvas Buffalo tote bags that are great for farmers markets. My variety of fabrics and styles keep my creative juices flowing and gives my customers many -- perhaps too many! -- choices."

SOS Design

Speakeasy Works designs home and personal accessories with an emphasis on vintage and custom textiles, including purses, totes, clutches, toiletry kits, placemats, pillows, and more! These designs are vegan, and created with eco-friendly practices in mind. This involves integrating vintage and upcycled fabrics, hand printed batiks, and custom printed textiles along with customizations such as screen printing, block printing and hand embroidery.

Speakeasy Works

At ThAIRapy Jewels, antique sterling and silver plate silverware is selected for its beauty and design, and is upcycled into mixed media jewelry adorned with hand collected beach glass from the shores of Lake Erie. These pieces are cut, fired, pounded, and shaped into beautiful designs that can be worn every day or as statement pieces.

ThAIRapy Jewels

"West Side Stitchery makes it easy to be both cozy and fashionable as the seasons begin to change. Our hand crafted cowls, hats, headbands, and scarves are made in a variety of styles, colors, and textures to help keep you warm and stylish through the harsh winter months."

West Side Stitchery

Wise Woman Designs makes art pieces that are full of whimsy and speak to your soul. These one of a kind art pieces never fail to bring a smile to your face and invite a conversation. Locally made, these one of a kind art pieces celebrate the beauty and power of the amazing women of the world.

Wise Woman Designs

Suzanne O'Brien is a fiber artist and owner/creator of ZanieCrafts. She loves to create with wool and makes a wide range of felted creations, even felt bead earrings using wet felting techniques! Wet felting is the process of transforming wool fiber into a non-woven felted fabric by the application of warm water, soap, and agitation. Suzanne dyes many of her wool and silk starter supplies, but also enjoy incorporates reclaimed and recycled silk fibers and fabrics into her felt pieces. She loves reusing small treasures of crafting material and giving them life again in her creations.